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Docker announces collaboration with Azure

Docker today announced that it has extended its strategic collaboration with Microsoft to simplify code to cloud application development for developers and development teams by more closely integrating with Azure Container Instances (ACI).  Docker and Microsoft’s collaboration extends to other products as well. Docker will add integrations for Visual Studio Code, Microsoft’s widely used free code editor, to let developers who use the tool deploy their code as containers faster. After this collaboration, you can login directly to Azure from Docker CLI, then you can select Docker context. If we have resource group, you can select it or you can create a new resource group. Then, you can run individual or multiple containers using Docker Compose. docker login Azure docker context create aci-westus aci --aci-subscription-id xxx --aci-resource-group yyy --aci-location westus docker context use aci-westus Tighter integration between Docker and Microsoft developer technologi

Azure Front Door Deployment using ARM Template

In this article, we will provision Azure Front Door using Arm Template. I have already created two Azure Web Apps which are running in two different regions i.e West Europe & South East Asia region. We will create & configure Azure Front Door to direct the traffic to these web apps. Follow the below steps to deploy Azure Front Door: Download this git repo and fill the parameters in azuredeploy.parameters.json as shown below: { "$schema": "", "contentVersion": "", "parameters": { "frontDoorName": { "value": "ashishfrontdoortest" }, "dynamicCompression": { "value": "Enabled" }, "backendPools1": { "value": { "name": "backendpool1", "backends": [