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Kubernetes DaemonSet

DaemonSets replicates a single pod on all or a subset of nodes in the cluster land an agent or daemon on every node for, say, logging, monitoring, etc. ReplicaSet and DaemonSet both create pods which are expected to be long-running services & try to match the observed and desired state in the cluster. Use a ReplicaSet when: the app is completely decoupled from the node multiple copies of the pod can be run on one node no scheduling restrictions need to be in place to ensure replicas don't run on the same node Use a DaemonSet when: one pod per node or subset of nodes in the cluster DaemonSet Scheduler By default the a copy is created on every pod The nodes can be limited using node selectors which matches to a set of labels DaemonSets determine which node a pod will run on when creating it using the  nodeName  field Hence, the k8s scheduler ignores the pods created by DaemonSets The DaemonSet c