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Retrieve Sitecore xDB Cloud 2.0 information using Rest API

Sitecore provides REST API references where you can get instant service responses using Xdb API services. Refer this for detailed explanation for RestAPI for xDB Cloud Service 1. Get connection strings This endpoint becomes very useful when you haven’t received any information about xDB Cloud like Connection Strings, ReportingService from Sitecore Support. With this method in place, you will be able to get all the information required for your setup.{licenseId}/{deploymentId} 2. Get Firewall settings V2 This is also one of the important thing to successfully complete the xDB Cloud setup. Even though you have done all configuration right, but your infrastructure not configured properly, it won’t allow application to connect to MongoDB. Hence, no data will be written to xDB Cloud. Use this endpoint to get all URLs and ports specific to URL. And you have to enable the outbound connections over given ports in Firewall. h

Azure Portal Keyboard Shortcuts

Following is the list of Keyboard shortcuts available in Azure portal: Actions: G+N Create a new resource G+B Open the "All services" pane G+/ Search resources F1 Toggle info tooltips and service cards Ctrl + / Search resource menu items Alt + Shift + Up arrow Move the selected left pane item up Alt + Shift + Down arrow Move the selected left pane item down SHIFT+F1 Toggle error tooltips SHIFT+Space Toggle service card favorite star   ALT+F1 Toggle text editor help   Go to G+D Go to dashboard G+A Go to all resources G+R Go to resource groups G+(1-10) Open the item pinned to the favorites bar at this position   Navigation G+, Move focus to command bar G+. Toggle focus between top bar and side bar To see full list of keyboard shorts, go to Azure portal, click on Help & then keyboard shortcuts as shown below: